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A Touch Of Care to helpless baby about HIV illness

When I watch emotional videos, I always thinking if I will used my blog to share my insights, how they carried me away or my heart really melts. But this video from Vicks Philippines blow me away due to heartbreaking and yet also heartwarming to watch.

“Everyone deserves the #TouchofCare, especially children who’ve been abandoned and become ostracised because of their illness,” it said in its post.

“This is a true story of how the power of the #TouchOfCare has given a helpless baby the chance to survive like any other child.”

The story opens with a boy offering to share some food with another kid. The latter’s mother stops her child from taking the food and says in Filipino: “Son, don’t take that! Why does his mother let him do that? Isn’t he contagious?”

This addresses a misconception about HIV because FYI, the virus can’t be transmitted through sweat, saliva or urine.

In my opinion, It is a good video to educate people about HIV awareness and equality to everyone. I hope many brands will offer similar videos to spread right information.

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