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Is Mobile Phone can be your status quo?

If you own a Apple, Samsung or even Huawei mobile phone, It is already consider your own representation? How about being humble or simplicity of the person? Or you need to at the “trend” to be able to get respect and notice? This is what I experienced when I went to one of the biggest event in Pasay Convention Centers.

I really enjoy the VIP experience and meet & greet high personnel which just few seats from me. You can say Good Morning and quick chat with one of the top brands, startups and large companies with no restriction but limited time only. I went to Government Secretaries and their teams with good conversations to Big Startups which you can ask anything and get answer immediately. Well, Maybe, that is the cool perks of having VIP & Guest ticket pass.

Let’s go to the bottom line, I talked with the CEO of one of the big startup in the Philippines and ask about business which related on the services offered by their company. He/She offered to take a snapshot of his/her business card to contact him/her and forward it to appropriate team. That is fair enough but when I told him that I don’t have that kind of phone.

Maybe, I must think if you are using that kind of phone when doing business with us. You must change your mobile phone.

CEO , one of the big startups in the Philippines

I felt dismayed and answered;

Yes, I know. I am just humble and simple.


Since we talking in the lobby area which surrounded by many people and most of them wants to talk with them. I just stepped out and hold my emotions and walk to VIP restroom. I hold my breath and think the matter most. So, I called my teammates at the office but no one answer. Then, I tried to send text message to our HR Manager and he said.

So, (CEO) interpret the mobile phone as STATUS QUO? You are nice and humble person. Don’t feel bad and take it as an experience.

HR Manager from our company

After my discussion with HR Manager, I feel at ease and lesson learned. Most people can not understand you but never think your bad enough. Think positive and use it as your learning goals.

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