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Famous Filipino Fashion Designers int The Philippines

Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. The world of fashion has been graced by great men, men with an impeccable sense of adventure and excellence, these men have lived opulent lifestyles and conquered financial empires but these men have also suffered contempt speculations and judgement from the public eye, as a result of the mysteries that surround them. Looking at the huge fashion gurus in the world there are a number of things that differentiate various fashion houses for instance in the design statements and fashion signature, but something for sure extremely interesting connects most of these successful designers.

It will surprise you if you look into it and realize that most of the men involved in this business are actually gay men who have done what they do progressively to touch every corner of society with their styles. It’s not quite clear why most of them are gay but considering the fact that most of these people are known hedonists who have earned fortunes experimentalism, they slide so easily in the gay practice in the name of adventure. Fashion designers are known spendthrifts whose flamboyant lifestyles have made them do or say a number of things which at times have been perceived to be outrageous to society, this is also applies to other gay people outside the fashion industry. Some big names in fashion industry who are saidt o be gay include the following.

How Do this Personalities Became a Designer to the Stars:

They continue to prove that fashion is art

 Michael Cinco roseto popularity as he started dressing Hollywood stars, including the likes ofLady Gaga, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Fergie, Dita VonTeese, Brandy, Ashanti, Mischa Barton, Chris Brown, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell.Paloma Faith, and Sofia Vergara.

Recently, the Dubai-based designer also dressed Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai in a dreamy Cinderella-like ball gown for the Cannes Film Festival. The said gown came from his latest couture collection, The Impalpable Dream of Versailles, inspired by the Opulent Palace of Versailles in France.

Photo credits: Michael Cinco

            His name echoes opulence and grandeur, and especially revered in the Middle East where he found his haven in a couture-loving fashion society. Moving to Dubai opened a lot of opportunities for the Catbalogan-born designer that ultimately led to him finding his own niche in the fashion industry.

He later on studied fashion formally at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. Upon graduating, he had already polished his vision that chased sophistication, elegance, and lavishness in every stroke of his pen and in every stitching on his elaborate gowns.

He slowly became a household name and later owned a power house in the world of couture, garnering a strong clientele that favours splendor and glory in the form of precious crystals, lace and careful embroidery. But his creations are simply not made for anyone. In candor, he divulges, “A Michael Cinco woman is moneyed. She may not be born into royalty but she better be married into one. His clothes appear seamless. They look heavy and yet they float. They look expensive simply because they are.”

            However, if you know the value of couture, you’d simply be compelled to write the check. After all, these are unique born out of a genius, and worked on by multiple skilled hands. As you slip on a Michael Cinco gown, you might as well be wearing a piece of high art– invaluable, delicate and as Michael would say, impalpable.

         “ Sports meets glam in RajoLaurel’s new Athletenique collection Photos courtesy of House of Laurel.” – GMA News

Rajo Laurel is also one of the top Filipino designers, love for fashion is rooted in his early years, but it was in his young adulthood when his talent became truly apparent. His innate eye for fashion was enhanced through his training from New York Fashion Institute of Technology and Central Saint Martin’s in London. Twenty-two years into his career, he has received several awards locally and internationally for fashion design and entrepreneurship. A celebrity in his own

right. Rajo Laurel serves as a permanent judge on four seasons of Project Runway Philippines. His accomplishments have propelled him to the next step: a foray into the international market.

Rajo is passionate about his work, progressive, and very much keen businessman. He heads Rajo Laurel Enterprise, a young design-driven company fuelled with the ideology of elegance, romance and luxury. The look is always modern and feminine, juxtaposing hard and soft elements. Though Filipono in origin and heavily influenced by his Asian roots, Rajo aims to maintain a Global Perspective in Fashion.

It is the workmanship and artisan quality that makes Rajo Laurel’s pieces distinct. Beautiful, sensible and also competitively priced. Standout details such as embroidery, breadwork and hand painted prints are incorporated to elevate the clothes into exceptional limited edition pieces. The sensibilities of Rajo Laurel’s work are always new, organic, sensual, and meant to be admired as pieces of art

Photo by: Cargo Collective

’Cover of Rage Magazine October issue LA & San Diego ’’

Andre Soriano also a designer, was born and raised to a Filipino family in ManilaPhilippines residing in San DiegoCalifornia. His mother is named Josephine. His interest in fashion design started early, when as a child his mother designed draperies for the rest of the family.

He attended FIDM, a fashion school in San Francisco. In 2004, Andre opened a store in San Francisco which sells Active wear and Ready-to-wear clothing. His true passion is to make couture gowns. He moved to San Diego in 2008 and established an Atelier from home with help of his boyfriend Thomas Brown. In 2013, he competed on the first season of Styled to Rock (U.S. TV series), coming in 7th place. On the show, he created a dress for Carly Rae Jepsen and other celebrities. The reality competition show Styled to RockRihanna was the Executive Producer and TV Host. He has been featured at New York Fashion Times presenting Pre Fall 2014 Collection at Style Fashion Week L.A. a regular article at Fine Magazine. His runway includes a few celebrities like Jessica SanchezMaría Conchita Alonso and others. Apparel News has recognized Andre for his Hiress collection.. He is well known for his Bridal and Larger than life couture design recently. The 2015 Grammy Awards dress he designed for Joy Villa, made entirely of orange construction fencing, attracted media attention.

As Veejay Floresca blossomed into a winning fashion designer, the artist also found the freedom for true self-expression. Today, the designer is also a staunch advocate of LGBT rights. Floresca found this particular transition more difficult to achieve than moving life and career from Manila to Los Angeles.

Veejay says that “I remember that I was already transitioning in college and wearing women’s clothing in school but after a few years I stopped, because a mentor in fashion design told me that if I really wanted a good career in fashion I had to—because sadly most people in the Philippines still did not understand what being a transgender is.”                                

Floresca said that growing up, the family had always shown their love and acceptance. “What defined me is the fact that my family has always supported me and never made me feel like there was something wrong with me. It is through them that I have gained the courage to truly be who I am.”

‘’Veejay Floresca 2015 Wedding Dresses’’

Floresca’s client base is growing much in the same pace as it did years earlier in Manila. Thus, the year 2018 is looking bright for Veejay Floresca who aims to build an affordable luxury brand, a ready-to-wear label, a menswear line, and a children’s segment one after another. Besides dressing up brides, Floresca also designs cocktail and evening collections that have been featured on the Philippine runway and abroad

Indeed, Floresca has come a long way from doing arts and crafts as a child, and dressing up Barbie Dolls. Asked what the designer would say to that budding artist now, Floresca replied, “Veejay, you need to love what you do. You need to love the people around you, and remember to always love yourself. These things will allow you to live the life you want. Remember to always choose happiness.”

Renee Salud first earned the spotlight in this business as a fairy godmother to many aspiring beauty queens who won their crowns wearing his creations. The fashion icon has created to a wide range of clientele including with creations showcasing the best of Filipino materials and artistry earning him the Title of “Ambassador of Philippine Fashion”. 

Photo credits: Rappler

“BLUSHING BRIDES. Renee Salud poses with his models wearing neo-ethnic bridal gowns.”

 Renee knew since his high school years that he wanted a career in fashion if not as a fashion designer, then as a makeup artist. He started as an intern in a department store that had a factory where the clothes were made. After applying as a fashion designer, he was disheartened when he was brought to the warehouse ad tasked with sorting and compiling all the fabrics. At first, He don’t like his first job but after several years.

After passing that stage, He learned how useful it was for him. After that, he brought to the sewing area where he learned the rudiments of sewing, constructing clothes and draping and the different types of stitches. After several years of going through that training, He opened his own shop. He describes this as the hand-to-mouth existence stage of his life as he was responsible for paying the bills, his siblings’ tuition and hid cancer patient father’s medical expenses through his small earnings. He had to work double time to sustain his shop and find clients as a poor unknown designer.

This practice is still important for all creative professionals. Never start work on the promise of deferred payment or exposure.

Salud is not ashamed to share his unglamorous backstory with poverty. When asked what advice he would give his younger self “just start the way you started during those days and just keep on believing in yourself and following your dreams.

‘’ Launch Boutique in Greenbelt 5’’ 

Albert Andrada

            Before Albert establishing his name in the Philippines, Albert had established a glittering career in the Middle East as a favoured designer of Arab royals. Aside from Arab royals, his roster of clients includes celebrity heiress Paris Hilton, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo, and his most prominent muse yet, beauty queen Pia

Wurztbach who won the much coveted Miss Universe crown donning an exquisite gown of his creation.

For the 31st Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, Albert added some Filipino flair to the barongs meant for ASEAN leaders and dialogue partners. The “Barong Tagalog” is undoubtedly the definitive Filipino formal attire.

            His designs were bespoke and matched traits the world leaders which are also identified with Filipino virtues, such as “Makatao” (humanitarian), “Matipuno” (robust), and “Maharlika” (freeman). Even the ASEAN leaders’ spouses get to flaunt his special designs.

            A decade of designing for royalty has put a stamp of opulence and drama in Andrama number. His collections have gone from flowing to a very light or delicate material but always wearable and feminine, and with that undeniable Andrada mark: Drama. He is greatly  inspired by his mother, who he dubs as a fashionable lady”.

The Faces ofMiddle Eastern Fashion

Ezra Santos

            Ezra has designed for a large slate of international celebrities including Middle Eastern star Haifa Wehbe, popstar Britney Spears, actress Michelle Rodriguez, singer-songwriter Colbie Cailat, former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, television personality Paris Hilton, singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, actress Allison Janney, members of royal families, and many more. Even with his Srping/Summer 2017 collection, Weave of Love.  

Ezra has made his mark on the fashion industry, and with collections that bring a distinct touch of enchantment and timelessness to his design, Ezra Santos continues to amaze fashion enthusiasts and industry veterans the world over.

Frederick’s Flair for Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode 
Photo credits: Lifestyle Inquirer

Frederick Peralta succeeded in doing just that 24 years ago when he won the top prize in the 1994 Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode. He bested contenders from other countries. His creation, a sheath dress with a deep V-neck had long sleeves embellished with floor-length fringeen crusted with crystals and pearls. Peralta’s flair on for drama would continue throughout his career that now spans over three decades. His designs are known to be perennially dramatic and sexy. His being skilled at the art of creating numbers that flatter the female form.

The challenges are worth it, crediting the resulting success to hard work, perseverance, and a laser-like focus on one’s goals.

“It’s all about believing inyourself, working hard, and enjoying the ride.”

-Beki.PH Team

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