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The experiences of being part of Philippines LGBT Community

As we gather information that is regarding with our topic, we have one respondent who is willing to share his experiences or his journey as a part of LGBT Community and he is also gave us his permission to wrote his real name and information.

       Our respondent, who named Joshua Hortillano admitted that sometimes it is not easy to deal with our Society especially when you are a part of LGBT Community, aminin man natin o hindi lahat tayo ay judgemental, ang ating mga mata pa nga lang ay mapanghusga. Paano pa kaya ang ating mga bibig?

       But, Joshua said that the criticism of our society doesn’t affect him that much because he believes that there are some people who can truly understand him and could really accept his real sexuality, especially his Family. Joshua confirmed that since when he was on Elementary; grade 2 to be exact; he already knew that his feelings, gestures, and everything ae different from his fellow classmates but it was never hard for his family to accept his difference from his fellow male classmates because his Uncle is a Bisexual and now he is 20 years old and a 1st Year College in Western College NAIC, taking Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Science. Now, he is not shy nor afraid to show his true self because he knows that he is not the only who is fighting for the Freedom of LGBT Community to freely express themselves without a limit.

     And as we end our blog, here is the moral lesson that simply shows us that no matter what you are or who you are we have to respect all of the individuals that is living, regarding with their sexuality, status in life and how do they carry themselves because we do not know what are the problems that they have in life. It doesn’t mean that you are a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or what you don’t deserved to be care and love, it is really hard to come out as a part of LGBT Community in this kind of Society because people nowadays are so judgmental. We also notice that even their relatives or friends gave them criticism to make them feel small actually it is a big struggle for them. If we just simply realized that even though they are a part of LGBT Community doesn’t make them less a person, sometimes they gave a big contribution in the society but sometimes we don’t really care about them, they don’t really deserve the criticism they received.

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