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Facebook, Messenger & Instagram are down again?

While chatting via Facebook, LGBT users around the world are doing sentiment posts about the downtime of our beloved Facebook, FB Messenger and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are both inaccessible, with news feeds refusing to refresh and the main domain unavailable. WhatsApp messages aren’t being sent or received, and …

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Male Candidates of Mister & Miss San Jose City 2019

No.1 Angelito Pregillana No.2 Angel Dumpit No.3 Harley Victoria  No.4 John Aldrich Robert Abogado No.5 Kleoven Lyke dela Fuente No.6 John Carlo Paragsa No.7 Jessie Valencia  No.8 Argel Joseph Mina  No.9 Ray Angelo Pulintan No.10 Andrei James Cruz No.11 Renelito Afable No.12 John Dave Santos

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